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About us

We have been known to among the best private mortgage lenders in the United States. We have been awarded as the Top Work Place for the last eight years. As a result of that, we are honored and committed to excellence to have received such recognition. We have the most current and lowest mortgage rate that are meant to help our clients. In case you want to buy a new home or refinance to a lower mortgage, then you should call us for help because we have the best mortgage professionals.

Our client should know that we offer the current mortgage rate based on today’s market condition. We are committed in our work so that our clients can get the best services when it comes to mortgage, they need. We offer mortgages such as conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA home loans.

Conventional Home loans 

The government guarantees many other mortgage loans, but for conventional loan its not. As a result of that members are required to make a small down payment of 3% and to have the good credit score to qualify for this kind of loan. Also, borrowers need to pay for PMI, although it’s reduced when compared to that of FHA loans. What makes it popular in North Richland Hills is its lower interest rate with approved score and unavailability of lenders fees. As well, flexible terms its give to its borrowers. 

FHA home loans 

FHA loans are a government-backed loan that is issued by an FHA-approved lender. They are usually favorable for borrowers with lower and moderate-income in North Richland Hills. FHA loans require a minimum down payment of 3.5 % and a lower credit score. As a result of that, it’s easy to qualify for it. In FHA, there is the availability of rehab loans and attractive interest rates to eligible borrowers. As a borrower, you need to have high debt to income ration to qualify for it. 

VA home loans 

VA loans are meant for the military men, National Guards, veterans and eligible spouses in North Richland Hills. This kind of loans has helped eligible borrowers to become homeowners. It’s backed by the government; hence, no mortgage insurance needed from eligible borrowers. They offer 100% financing to its borrowers. As well, they offer the best rates for a government loan and lower closing cost for eligible borrowers.

USDA home loans 

Borrowers who are not wealthy enough to go for traditional mortgages should go for USDA home loans. They are meant for eligible rural and suburban borrowers. The loans aim to assist its borrowers in becoming homeowners. As a borrower to qualify for UDA loans, you must qualify for income and home location. The advantages linked to USDA loans include lower interest rate, no down payment, lower mortgage insurance cost, and 100% financing to eligible members. 

In case our client needs to reach us, they can give us a call or use of the interactive tool in our site. Our goal is to be on good terms with our clients always so that we may continue with excellent service for years to come.

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