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Importance of a Loan Program In Midlothian, Texas


About us

If you are looking for mortgage professionals in the United States, then you should consider prodigy lending. We have highly trained mortgage professional with a lot of experience who usually assist our clients get a home loan that meets their expectation. Provided the client place has a combination of the lowest rate and multiple loan programs in their area, then they should not worry anymore regarding issues of mortgages. Our crew of loan officers can help our clients when it comes to issues such as purchasing a first home, consolidating debts, refinancing an existing loan or purchasing their dream home. Our clients may ask themselves how our loan officers can assist them in such issues; the truth is they help them find the right loan program for them who offer loan at the lowest rate. We offer different loan mortgages depending on the need of our clients.

Here are the right mortgages in Midlothian

Conventional home loan 

When you hear about this kind of loan the following should run in your mind

  • 3% down payment which is beneficial to borrowers 
  • No lender fees charged among the eligible borrowers
  • Reduced PMI than that of FHA loans 
  • Offer 10 to 30 years year mortgage which is flexible to borrowers
  • The low-interest-rate charged with approved scores 

FHA home loans 

Our client in Midlothian should consider FHA loans as the best option for them because of many advantages attached to it. FHA does not follow the past credit score of the borrowers like what conventional normally do. Borrowers who are using FHA benefit from a low-down-payment of 3.5 % because this kind of loan is backed by the government. In term of qualification, it is easy because it doesn’t follow the past credit score of borrowers. Other benefits borrowers get include attractive interest rate and rehab loan. However, borrowers should ensure that they have a higher debt to income ratio to qualify for FHA loans.

VA Home loans 

If you are military men, Veterans, and National Guard in Midlothian, then you should find a reason to smile because VA loan helps you become homeowners. VA loans are government-backed hence, no mortgage insurance requirement among the eligible borrowers. In light of that, the member will as well enjoy 100% financing. The other benefit associated with VA loans includes best rates, easy qualification, and lower closing cost for eligible borrowers. 

USDA home loans

Eligible borrowers within rural and suburban areas in Midlothian should appreciate the presence of USDA loans because it assists them in becoming homeowners. The following are what borrowers should know about USDA home loans

  • Low cost for mortgage insurance 
  • Lower interest rate 
  • Full financing to eligible borrowers
  • No down payment at all among the eligible borrowers
  • Members need to first qualify for income and home location 

Clients who need to talk to us should feel free to call us anytime because they are the one who motivates us to continue providing excellent services for years to come.