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About us

The prodigy lending has been in existence for over 17 years now. We have been giving unbeaten mortgage services to our clients with the help of home loan experts. This has seen us get repeat clients since most of them get satisfied. Our teams of experienced mortgage experts are also motivated since we ensure that the workplace is very comfortable. The effort to ensure the job environment is reasonable has seen us scoop the award for being the top workplace in the US for the last eight years.

The home buyers can get a variety of home loans to choose from to ensure their needs and interest are met. Some of our mortgages include Conventional, USDA, VA and FHA home loans in Kennedale. These are explained below to help you choose with the assistance from our professional mortgage experts. 

USDA home loans

The USDA home loans are meant to assist those living in rural and sub-urban areas own property. The loans have income requirements which one should meet before getting approved for USDA mortgages. The borrowers get 100% financing, and they do not need to save for the down payment. The home buyer gets to enjoy low interest and mortgage insurance from these mortgages. 

VA home loans

The VA home loans give out 100% financing for borrowers who meet eligibility criteria. The loans carry low-interest rates, and the home buyer is only required to pay a small closing cost. There is no mortgage insurance required for VA home loans, and it becomes easy for many veterans to qualify. It is indeed one of the best government loans in Kennedale.

FHA home loans

The FHA loans in Kennedale are preferred by many, especially the first time home buyers. This is because of its flexible qualification requirements and low down payment. The borrower is required to make 3.5% initial deposit and get to enjoy attractive interest rates. Although the mortgage insurance required is quite high, the good interest rates will significantly lower the cost of the home loans. The rehab loans are also available, and the borrower is allowed to apply for then with a higher debt-to-income ratio. 

Conventional home loans 

The conventional loans are quite suitable for those borrowers with an exceptional credit score. The home buyer gets a chance to negotiate the rates which will be determined depending on the credit score of the buyer. The down payment is also low, giving the borrower a chance to make only 3% initial cost. There is also no lender fee, and PMI cost is quite low. We allow the borrower to choose a loan term that best suit their needs, which can be 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

It is always our aim to create everlasting bonds with our clients as we continue giving them award-winning services. The information of our clients is also kept safe and private, and this has earned us trust across the lending community. 

We are open 24 hours each day and customers can contact us at their convenience. The online site is also interactive, where customers can utilize our tools to get their queries answered. 

Our mortgage rates are exceptional, especially on FHA loans in Kennedale. The borrowers enjoy the same rates regardless of the credit score on FHA mortgages. We are the best private lenders in the US, and you can trust us to get the outstanding mortgage that meets your need.