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About us

Our lending crew consists of mortgage professionals all over the United States. We work to provide high-quality service to our clients when it comes to issues regarding mortgages. Our clients get to choose from multiple loan programs with the lowest rates, and professional home loan experts will guide them through the process. This way, the customer gets a loan that meets their expectations and needs. Whether they are purchasing a first home, their dream home, consolidating debt, or refinancing an existing loan, our competent crew in mortgages can still help them discover the right option with the reduced interest rates.

Prodigy’s objective is to make sure that our clients are well satisfied because they are the ones motivating us to keep on working in the coming years. The information for our clients is private and well secured, unlike what other mortgage companies do to their clients outside there. We offer different types of mortgages that include USDA, FHA, VA, and Conventional loans.

Conventional home loans 

The government does not back it like other mortgages loans such as FHA, VA, and USDA loans. Its benefits include;

  • Low down payment of 3% among the eligible borrowers
  • Reduced PMI when compared to that of the FHA loans 
  • No lenders fee 
  • Offer 10 to 30-year mortgages hence flexible to its borrowers 
  • Offer low-interest rates with approved scores to their eligible borrowers

FHA home loans 

They are destined for low to moderate-income borrowers and are issued by an FHA -approved lender. Their eligible borrowers enjoy small down payment of 3.5 % and are their past credit score is not strictly followed like conventional home loans. Borrowers are required to have a higher debt to income ratio. The advantages of FHA loans include easy qualification., availability of rehab loan, and attractive interest rate given to borrowers. What makes it distinct from conventional loans is because it is backed by the government in Irving. 

USDA loans 

Eligible borrowers within rural and suburban areas in Irving are the one benefitting greatly from this kind of loan. They are backed by the government. Hence, borrowers are not required to make any down payment and are 100 % financed. As a borrower, you are required to qualify for income and home location to be eligible for USDA loans. The other benefits that eligible borrowers from this kind of loans get are low mortgage insurance cost and lower interest rate for 100% loan. 

VA home loans 

Mostly veterans, National Guards and former spouses are eligible for this kind of loans. They are meant to help them become homeowners because of the excellent job they do in Irving. The government backs them hence, borrowers are fully financed. The benefits-eligible borrowers get include no mortgage insurance, lower closing cost, and easy qualifications. 

Our client should now start to do preapproval with us from today because we offer the best services and we have been doing so for more than 17 years.

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