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About Us

Welcome to prodigy lending, where we have mortgage professional team in Arlington and all over the US. Here we prioritize our client’s needs as well as providing the best services of its kind to them. Apart from the low-interest rates and the unlimited loan programs that we offer, you can get a tailor-made mortgage to suit your needs and financial status with the help of our professional team who have been with us for a long period time.

With the guidance of our skilled loan team officers, you can get the best loan program with the lower interest rate of your choice, actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s refinancing, debt reconsolidation, first -time home buyer or purchasing your fantasy home.

Mortgages Choices Available For You

FHA Home Loans

Get the FHA loans and buy your dream home here in Arlington. We offer FHA loans with low down payment than even three-point five in regards to your credit score. One can easily qualify for this loan, especially if your debt to income ratio is high. The interest rate is also appealing no matter the market rate is. Last but not least is the fact that one can easily get the rehab loans. Being approved by FHA as one among their lenders in Arlington is our greatest joy.

Prodigy Conventional Home Loans In Arlington

We offer conventional loans with a low down payment, i.e. three percent and below and low-interest rates depending on your credit scores. Our mortgage period ranges from ten to thirty years, which is workable. Get your low PMI when applying for conventional loans as compared to FHA, and we hope you will be glad since lenders fees don’t apply in prodigy.

VA Home Loans In Arlington

Veterans, reservist, and their spouses who have not married after their demise here in Arlington we encouraged you to apply for these loans with us. Where else can you get the one hundred percent? With no mortgage insurance if not a prodigy. To add on that our closing cost is usually low and one can easily qualify for these loans. We have an attractive interest rate, especially for government loans. Make your application today we are here to serve you.

USDA Home Loans In Arlington

Be sure to get a hundred percent financing with no down payment. Just ensure your income, and home locations meet the USDA requirements and standards. Apart from this, you can get low cost on mortgage insurance and low-interest rate, especially if we finance your loan fully, i.e.  One hundred percent.



Our main aim is to create a long-lasting relationship with clients and making sure that the services we offer exceed their expectations as the years go by. In whatever we do, confidentiality is among the ethics in our company treasure more, and we have managed to earn this trust in the lending industry over the years since we started. Feel free to call our customer service line to converse directly with our highly skilled professional on mortgage matters. We appreciate your feedback on this as we anticipate working with you too.

It has been over seventeen years now since we started providing award-winning service and we are glad to inform you that we have been awarded as the top workplaces for eight years now. We are thankful for the appreciation and promise to provide outstanding services to all Arlington citizens. We want to assure you that each will get a suitable home loan program of your choice. The rate always differs depending on the market conditions and the same applies to us too. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!