HUD’s Carson denies trying to mislead public in furniture furor

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HUD’s Carson denies trying to mislead public in furniture furor By Brent Thomas In FHA Loan Articles Contents Overhaul sidelines buyers manhattan Business times.. manhattan home resales tumble furor sam contents urban Travel safer highly Paid executive dining set cnn emails Ben.

DR BEN CARSON FULL ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO (2/17/2018) HUD’s Carson denies trying to mislead public in furniture furor. March 21, 2018. MBS RECAP: Strong Start; Weak Finish. July 2, 2018 %d bloggers like this:.

When HUD initially confirmed the table was ordered it also provided documents to ABC News confirming that the department spent about $3,500 on new blinds for Carson’s office, as well as $1,100 to.

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U.S. Housing and urban development secretary ben carson said he wasn’t trying to mislead the public when an agency spokesman initially denied that he and his family were involved in a controversial decision. HUD’s Ben Carson denies trying to mislead public in furniture furor.

HUD violated spending restrictions when it sought to spend more than $40,000 on a dining set and dishwasher for hud secretary ben carson, the Government Accountability Office said in a report last.

I don’t see where he blamed her. They were told the office needed a new one, he asked his wife to help pick one out, from what I’m sure was an already pared down list provided to her. I doubt she was sent out shopping with the HUD credit card.

 · The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is trying to return the furniture.. It’s curious that HUD Secretary Ben Carson, neurosurgeon, Carson, who grew up in public housing himself, has argued that the role of HUD is to lead people toward “self-sufficiency,” apparently by making public housing unpleasant for its residents..

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